Services & pricing

Platinum Package and/or Non-Carpal Tunnel Surgery*

*Fully Customized packages with air, transfers, car rental, etc. can be arranged for on an a la carte basis.

* additional small hand surgeries may be preformed for similar pricing, such as Trigger Finger Release surgery, DeQuarvains surgery or some cyst or mass excisions. Please call us with any specific questions and we will do our best to answer over the phone. You may also go to to be evaluated by an Orthopedic Surgeon via telemedicine; where your provider will not only be able to give you a definitive diagnosis, but they will also be able to help arrange for a non-carpal tunnel, wide-awake surgery via Carpal Tunnel Concierge, if your condition allows.

MoonlightOrtho Pricing is an orthopedic telemedicine service offering New Patient visits, Second Opinions, and Carpal Tunnel Concierge visits (at a discounted rate of $119) with an Orthopedic Surgeon, via asynchronous video telecommunication. This cutting edge technology allows a patient to have a video interaction with their physician, but at the patient’s convenience. Telehealth Physical Therapy consults are also offered via MoonlightOrtho for any pre or post-operative needs of our patients that want to continue with the convenience of direct to consumer telemedicine. Please visit us at for information and a quick tutorial.