Mission Statement

Carpal Tunnel Concierge is a direct to consumer, surgical tourism service like none other currently available in the United States. We believe in honesty, integrity and transparency; while putting healthcare choices back in the hands of our patients, which is something that the health care industry is beginning to loose sight of. We honor our military patients with a discount, but offer all our patients a reasonable, flat-fee rate for their wide-awake, minimally invasive carpal tunnel release surgery. 

What is Carpal Tunnel Concierge?

Carpal Tunnel Concierge is a surgical tourism company located right here in the US, offering a unique and concierge-level treatment to one of the most common musculoskeletal diagnoses – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Carpal Tunnel Concierge patients are offered a service like none other in the healthcare market today, as we are able to offer our patients minimally invasive, wide-awake carpal tunnel surgery, in an out-patient surgery center setting, for under $1000, regardless of insurance. Not only do patients receive the peace of mind knowing that their surgery will be performed by a select group of fellowship trained/CAQ-H Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeons, but additionally with “wide awake surgery” patients are checked in and discharged from the surgery center typically within an hour, and they do not lose the day in an “anesthesia fog”.

This service is offered to patients from all over the world as a sort of “medical tourism”. However, our patients not only travel for the significant cost savings compared to the equivalent hospital/insurance based surgery, but for the actual vacation before or after their 10-minute procedure as well; as our Hand Surgeons are located in some of the most beautiful locations in the world, such as Lake Tahoe!

Our goals at Carpal Tunnel Concierge are:


This is medical care at YOUR convenience! Pop in for a quick surgery while on vacation in the beautiful Sierra Mountains and Lake Tahoe. We work around your schedule!


Rest assured that your surgery is being performed by a specialist in surgical hand care. Our providers are board certified and fellowship trained Hand Surgeons with their CAQ-H.

Customer service

Direct service to you the "consumer", putting healthcare choices back in your hands, no middlemen, hospital, or insurance hoops to jump through. No delays or denials for authorization of the surgery.

Save time

A wide-awake surgery allows patients to get in, get the surgery over with, and get on with their day. No anesthesia “fog” to deal with, no nausea; and the whole process only takes about an hour from check in to discharge. The surgery itself is typically 8-10 minutes.

Save money

With some high deductible insurance plans patients may have to come out of pocket $5K – $7K just to meet their deductible before the insurance even “kicks in”. Carpal tunnel surgery in a traditional hospital based setting may cost that or more sometimes, whereas the same surgery at a Carpal Tunnel Concierge location will cost you less than $1000, leaving more healthcare dollars in your pocket – where they belong!

About our Founder

Our founder and CEO, Dr. David Eisenhauer, is a board certified and dual fellowship trained Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeon. He holds a Certificate of Added Qualification in Hand Surgery (CAQ-H) and has focused his orthopedic practice to pathology of the Hand, Elbow and Shoulder.

Dr. Eisenhauer is a pioneer in direct to consumer medicine, having found a niche in healthcare by offering a flat-fee, cash-pay model for patients with high deductible insurance plans, or for the rising number of patients who are choosing to “go bare” these days. His other companies, MoonlightOrtho.com, the first direct to consumer Orthopedic-specific telemedicine service, and FastXray.com; a fee for service telehealth-hybrid imaging service, utilize similar models. “After having been in private practice for almost 7 years and seeing good people not able to afford good healthcare, I thought that there had to be a better way, which is when I came up with FastXray – it was natural to follow affordable imaging services with clinical Orthoepdic and then surgical optons as well.” - Dr. David E. Eisenhauer, DO