We offer

a unique and concierge-level,
minimally invasive surgical treatment;
along with travel options

to of one of the most common surgical diagnoses
encountered in a physicians office – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Small procedure. Big impact.

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MoonlightOrtho.com is the First and Only stand-alone, Orthopedic-specific telemedicine practice. They offer a user-friendly and all-inclusive telehealth “hub” for musculoskeletal care. On average, patients may wait 4-6 weeks to be seen by a busy private practice Orthopedic Surgeon in a traditional office-based setting, but at MoonlightOrtho you may be seen by that same surgeon within a day!

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Surgery takes less
than 10 minutes

Minimally invasive, with small
incision and minimal to NO scar!

No general anesthesia!
No fasting! No painful IV!

Affordable alternative! Surgery for under $1000

Watch a LIVE and Un-edited Carpal Tunnel Release surgery NOW!

Here you'll see the ENTIRE Carpal Tunnel Concierge surgical experience,

from check-in to discharge, and every cut and suture in between

If you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and are considering surgery WATCH THIS VIDEO!!

We are board-certified and fellowship trained Hand Surgeons, carrying the highest level of certification within our field, the CAQ-H. We specialize in wide-awake, fee-for-service carpal tunnel surgery, in beautiful vacation destinations. With Carpal Tunnel Concierge you can truly have an enjoyable surgical experience!

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patient testimonials

  • Linda R.
    I elected to have my surgery done under a local-only anesthesia and highly recommend it.  The benefits of being fully awake and able to walk out of the hospital immediately after the procedure far outweigh any momentary discomfort of the injection, which really isn’t any more painful than receiving an IV.  I was able to participate in the conversations and was totally comfortable through the procedure, since no tourniquet was used; additionally I did not have to battle an anesthetic “hangover”.  I have carpal tunnel syndrome on the other hand as well, although not as bad, however if it eventually needs surgery I would not have the surgery done any other way!
    Linda R.